COVID-19 Protocols

COVID-19 Protocols:

• If you are not feeling good – DO NOT show up – period.  The league will not be enforcing the forfeit rule for a team having less than 6 of their own players.  If the opposing team has a full roster, consider evening out the teams and rotating players from that team to the team that is short to still allow a game to be played and remember – players can sub from another team AND must be registered for this season!

• There will be an additional COVID-19 related waiver attached to registration to e-sign

• There will be no onsite temperature screenings – each player MUST do a self health check assessment at home prior to deciding if they are well enough to play each week

• While the Tuma Sports Complex is a public space, we would recommend limiting spectators as much as possible until COVID-19 is further under control and please encourage any spectators to do a self health check at home before attending  and to wear a mask while attending the game and discourage any spectators who want to attend if they do not feel well

• Games will be 22 minutes with a 4-minute halftime.

• No handshakes, sharing water, sharing equipment (i.e. goalie gloves, etc.)

• Mask are not required while playing

• Social distancing on the sidelines (it is highly recommend to wear a mask while on the sideline)

• If you, someone in your family, or anyone you’ve been in close proximity with test positive for COVID-19, and you played the previous week you MUST notify the league director immediately ( to allow for fair play (ie some playing 6 games vs 8 weeks) and the safest thing to do is to stop play for 2 weeks.

• Be honest with us, If we have to hear from Linn County public health via contact tracing that someone in the league has a positive test, that individual may be suspended from the league indefinitely and that decision will be reviewed and made by the league board on a case by case basis

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