Winter 2022 Indoor Session Registration is here!

Greetings! CRAAL is back for a long, 11-week indoor soccer season at FC United starting on December 12.

Games will be played at FC United, an indoor facility with turf suited for outdoor cleats.  Games are 7v7 (includes goalie), 50 minutes, and are scheduled 10:30-4:30pm on Sundays.  The FC United is located on Milburn Rd just south of Tower Terrace Rd in Cedar Rapids.

Priority registration is open for Fall 2021 players from November 17 – December 1.  After December 1, new players are welcome to join assuming we have room in our 12-team league.

Free agent players are also welcome to register starting November 17, though your payment will not be accepted until after December 1 IF we have capacity in the league.

For returning teams, please register your players ASAP.  After December 1, if your team is incomplete, we will be in touch to possibly 1) merge incomplete teams, 2) add free agents, or 3) see if you can complete your roster.

Game dates are as follows:  December 12, 19; January 9, 16, 23; February 6, 13, 20; March 6, 13 20.

Register for the league at  We do not use the old registration portal anymore (Blue Sombrero).

Requirements and overview of rules:

  • Adults 18 and over (must be 18 by first game, 12/12).

  • League-provided jersey kits must be worn (black and white AYSO jersey)

  • Fees must be paid prior to playing

    • League fee: $70

    • Insurance fee: $30 (if you paid in the the fall, this is not paid again)

    • Jersey kit fee: $20 (if you have a jersey kit, un-check this box in payment page; you do not need to pay if you already have one)

  • Shin guards are required

  • Jewelry cannot be worn

  • Slide tackling is not allowed

  • This is a self-refereed league.  Players call their own fouls.  Disputes are handled between players and captains.  You must be able to conduct yourself with good sportsmanship and play safely and fairly to play in this league.

New in Winter 2021:  In our 12-team league, we will have two divisions–one less competitive and one more competitive.  Teams will be placed in consultation with captains.  Each division will have 6 teams, who will each play each other once (5 games).  After these 5 games, the top team from the lower division will be promoted, and the bottom team from the higher division will be relegated.  Five more games will be played.  The 11th game will be the single-game playoff in each division: 1v2, 3v4, 5v6.  Your team will be placed in the more or less competitive division based on your fall performance (if relevant), input from the captain, and capacity in each division.

Feedback:  Because this is a new approach to the season, we will be listening for feedback and making adjustments as needed in consultation with our board, captains, and players.

We look forward to seeing you all back on the pitch!  Thanks to all players.  Thanks to our board members who make this league possible: Moe Ahmed, James Welbes, Jeff Wozencraft, and Eric Holthaus.

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