Safe Space

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Welcome to the official Facebook page of the Cedar Rapids AYSO Adult League (CRAAL) – a place for AYSO alumni, parents and volunteers and those simply interested in the organization to connect with us and engage with each other. Our mission is to bring the vision of AYSO to Facebook – and we encourage you to leave comments, appropriate photos and more. We will review all postings and remove anything that is unlawful, inappropriate, spam, off-topic, promoting violence, injurious to privacy or otherwise offensive.

If you choose to upload photos, please do not tag minors using their full legal names or other personal information. Safety and privacy of children is a core value of AYSO. Any posts that are advertisements will be considered spam and taken down. If you have a concern or complaint, contact your local Region at or the AYSO National Office at The CRAAL Facebook page is not the proper location to address these matters in detail, and unnecessary follow up on addressed matters will be removed and the commentators banned.

Comments/content that is posted to this page does not represent the opinions of the AYSO. AYSO does not necessarily endorse nor is responsible for the accuracy of information, opinions, claims or advice shared here by users. The CRAAL Facebook page is intended to provide a place for AYSO alumni, parents, volunteers and others to share their AYSO experiences, memories and stories as well as stay informed with all AYSO and CRAAL news and information.

All users must also comply with Facebook’s Terms of Use.

Please use this fan page as a forum to connect with CRAAL and AYSO alumni, parents and volunteers.

AYSO is a non-profit organization with the mission to develop and deliver quality youth soccer programs which promote a fun, family environment based on AYSO’s Six Philosophies:
• Everyone Plays®
• Balanced Teams
• Open Registration
• Positive Coaching
• Good Sportsmanship
• Player Development

Please respect the vision of the organization and keep any and all user content positive and appropriate.